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zipper, also called zipper, was invented a century ago. A novelist described it very succinctly: as soon as he pulled it, he opened it! He was turned off as soon as he was pulled.

In 1893, an American named Judson developed a device and applied for a patent. This is the prototype of the zipper, and this device has not worked much.

In 1902, a button-making company became interested in Judson's invention. They acquired a patent, registered a trademark, and began to produce zippers installed on shoes, but the company soon embarked on the road to destruction.

In 1912, Judson's employees improved this zipper device, changing each tooth on the zipper to a convex and concave shape, so that the teeth can be completely matched.

Before 1930, 20 million zippers could be sold every year. In 1717, zippers were introduced to Japan. At that time, zippers were scarce and could only be used as accessories for dignitaries to show off their identities.

Zippers have developed rapidly since 1980, especially since 1995.
Runhe Zipper: The Value Embodiment of Wenzhou Zipper

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